What is the Spousal Sponsorship Program

The Canadian spousal sponsorship program is an immigration stream that facilitates the reunification of Canadian citizens or permanent residents and their foreign spouses. Foreign spouses can also be conjugal partners or common-law spouses to qualify for the program. Spousal Sponsorship Canada

A spouse who is already a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen can apply to sponsor their spouse to Canada, while their spouse will also apply for permanent residency in Canada.

While it seems like a simple undertaking, it is a very difficult and lengthy process with many obstacles and red tape. There are also many requirements the sponsor must meet in order to qualify as a sponsor.

Requirements for sponsors under the spousal sponsorship program

Sponsors, while also already being permanent residents of Canada or Canadian citizens, must also be over the age of 19 and if they are permanent residents they cannot have any removal orders against them.

The sponsor must also not be in prison and must not be bankrupt. The sponsor is expected to (and must provide sufficient evidence of this) have the ability to financially support their spouse when they come to Canada. They must earn a good enough living to provide for their spouse, and they will have to sign an agreement with the government of Canada that says they will be responsible for them financially.

This agreement is very important and is legally binding. It should not be signed lightly, as if something were to happen and your spouse received social benefits like welfare you as the sponsor would be responsible for repaying all of the benefits they receive.

Spousal sponsorship is not easy, but with the right help and professional guidance it can happen for you. Please contact our immigration law firm to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer about your application. We can help!

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