What is a Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

If you want to apply for a work permit in Canada, your employer must first file for an LMO, or a Labour Market Opinion. This is a vital component of the foreign worker application process and must be done before you can apply for your work permit. Labour Market Opinion

A Labour Market Opinion is a request made to Service Canada that details the job in question as well as the employer’s attempts to find willing and able Canadians to do the job they have an opening for. This way, the government will know that there were no Canadians able to do the job and that the only way the employer can fill the job is to bring in foreign workers.

Becoming a temporary foreign worker in Canada

Being a temporary foreign worker in Canada is a huge opportunity because there is a possibility that you can eventually become a permanent resident of Canada. But before you begin, you may need your employer to get a Labour Market Opinion so that you can apply for your work permit.

Obtaining a work permit in Canada is not easy, because there are many strict rules and regulations surrounding Canadian work visas. Even if you are the most qualified applicant around, it can still be a difficult process. These visas need careful planning and attention paid to all of the details, including the filing procedures and documentation requirements.

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