What happens if I marry a Canadian?

It is a big myth that someone who marries a Canadian citizen is automatically granted citizenship themselves. There is no automatic citizenship granted to anyone who marries a Canadian citizen, nor is there automatic permanent residency. In other words, nothing happens when you marry a Canadian citizen other than you are now eligible to apply for permanent residency and have your Canadian spouse sponsor you. Marrying a Canadian Citizen

While it should be easy to reunite spouses and families in Canada, the reality is that it is exceptionally difficult. The old phrase “a few bad apples spoils the bunch” applies, as a handful of people found to be using the immigration system to obtain permanent residency by setting up fake marriages of convenience have caused the government to make more strict rules around the process.

Sponsoring your spouse to come to Canada

If you want to sponsor your spouse to come to Canada, you must be able to demonstrate to the Canadian government that you are in a legitimate marriage. You must also remain living together for at least two years after the spousal sponsorship, so that your spouse can retain his or her permanent resident status.

You are able to sponsor your spouse if they are in Canada or outside of Canada, while the procedure for your sponsored spouse obtaining their permanent resident status is a little different in each situation.

Spousal sponsorship is not an easy process, especially due to so much red tape in the process. However, it can be done and it is an extremely worthwhile process for anyone who wishes to have their spouse come to live in Canada permanently with them.

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