Vancouver is the 3rd Best Liveable City in the World

VANCOUVER – Are you moving to Canada and still undecided on where to finally settle in the country? The recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) entitled 2012 Global Liveability Report may help you pick a place in Canada or perhaps convince you to chose Vancouver.

2012 Global Liveability Report

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) authored the  latest report showing the most liveable cities around the world.

It is not surprising that three cities in Canada made it to top five most liveable cities in the world. Same Canadian cities have also occupied a prime spot in top ten of previous satisfaction rating reports in the past few months.

The 2012 Global Liveability Report that was released on Tuesday by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has given three Canadian cities specific rank among other cities in the world:

  • Vancouver occupied the third place.
  • Toronto is ranked fourth.
  • Calgary stands fifth.

For the past decade, Vancouver held the prime spot but it went down to third place in 2011. Although outside of top ten, Montreal is placed 16th.


Facts about the 2012 survey

  1. The survey is conducted yearly.
  2. One hundred forty (140) cities around the globe are being evaluated as to liveability by allocating specific scores using over thirty (30) deciding factors, which are summarized into five (5) categories:
    • healthcare
    • stability
    • environment and culture
    • infrastructure
    • education

The above mentioned categories have respective ratings that are weighted to get the general average or overall rating.

Vancouver garnered a magnificent score of 97.3 out of 100 ratings, which according to the National Posts reports could have been even higher if there were no petty crime records in the city, if there were available standard housing, and if not for congested road networks.

Result of 2012 Global Liveability Report

The complete result of the 2012 Global Liveability Report shows:

  1. Melbourne, Australia — 97.5
  2. Vienna, Austria — 97.4
  3. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada — 97.3
  4. Toronto, Ontario Canada — 97.2
  5. Calgary, Alberta Canada— 96.6
  6. Adelaide, Australia — 96.6
  7. Sydney, Australia — 96.1
  8. Helsinki, Finland — 96.0
  9. Perth, Australia — 95.9
  10. Auckland, New Zealand — 95.7

Vancouver’s  high-profile projects

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) somewhat has noted that Vancouver is commencing a noteworthy and renowned projects that are centered at addressing transit and issues on road congestions.

“For cities in general, these measures will no doubt have a long-term benefit, but in the short term they can be disruptive.”

With the launch of new high-profile projects in Vancouver, there is a high probability that the city may be able to get back on top of the list sooner or sometimes next year.

Immigrants in Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is among the Canadian cities with enormous number of immigrants and booming immigrant-owned businesses.

If you have finally decided to move to the city for some reason, it is best to consult a licensed immigration attorney in Vancouver. A skilled immigration lawyer can ensure that all the necessary procedures are not missed out and that everything falls into the right place.

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