Vancouver has the world’s best reputation

Vancouver has topped 100 countries in the world as having the best reputation, based on infrastructure, cultural offerings, safety and beauty. Other Canadian cities like Toronto and Montreal were a far cry from first place, at 22nd and 26th respectively. 

According to Tourism Vancouver, Vancouver’s diversity and multiculturalism are the main reasons the city did so well.

Tourism Vancouver has this to say: “We believe that a factor in Vancouver’s stature is our reputation as a city where all nationalities gather comfortably, where over 40 first language are spoken in the average school, where perhaps 50 per cent of our population has English as a second language and in our having a deep-seated respect for various religious views.

Vancouver did exceptionally well compared to last year, where it placed 14th and London, England won the top spot.

Cities similar to Vancouver that are considered smaller to medium-sized, safe and eco-friendly had better reputations, including Vienna, Sydney and Copenhagen. They fared much better than giant cities like Hong Kong, where it’s theorized there are simply too many variables for a consistently good reputation because of their size.

For the second year in a row, the whole of Canada was also named the most reputable country.

According to the institute, the perception of reputation is key.

“We live in a reputation economy. While the idea of a destination’s reputation may not be on the top of everyone’s mind when they decide where to live, work, vacation or do business, our studies indicate that it should.

18,000 people were polled on who they thought had the best reputation in the world.

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