US Waiver Lawyers in Vancouver

Every day, Canadians are denied entry to the United States for many different reasons. It does not matter if you need to visit the United States because of a family emergency or you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a family vacation – if you are determined to be inadmissible to the United States, you will be asked to turn around and go back to Canada. If you have attempted to enter the United States at the airport, you could even be detained until arrangements are made to fly you back home. But there is a way you could overcome your inadmissibility to the United States. 

Why would someone be denied entry to the United States?

The reasons for being denied entry to the United States are very diverse. There is no one reason someone could be denied entry to the United States, but they could be inadmissible if one of the following applies to them:
Someone with health issues like a communicable disease, a mental illness, a physical illness, a drug addiction or any other health issue that can pose a danger to others could result in a denial of entry. Even a past history with drugs or a past suicide attempt can result in being denied entry.

Someone who has convicted a crime and has a criminal record could be denied entry to the United States. These crimes include crimes of moral turpitude, multiple crimes, prostitution, drug trafficking, having knowingly benefitted from the proceeds of drug crime, having committed espionage or terrorist acts.

Immigration violations such as overstaying a United States visa can also result in your being denied entry, as well as being deported from the United States previously.

United States Waiver lawyers in Vancouver

If you are interested in overcoming your inadmissibility to the United States and wish to apply for a waiver, we can assist you. We are a team of award-winning immigration lawyers who have been helping Canadians enter the United States for over 15 years: we have helped process many denial of entry cases for both the United States and Canada with great success and we can help you, too. So if you have concerns about being denied entry to the United States, or you have already been denied entry to the United States in the past, give our immigration law firm a call to speak with a licensed immigration lawyer today. We are here to work on your behalf and ensure that your application for a US waiver has the best chance it can.

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