US Couple Detained at the Border over Kinder Eggs

VANCOUVER– Can you imagine yourself being detained at the border and investigated by officers for carrying six chocolate Kinder Eggs to the United States?

Chris Sweeney and his life partner Brandon Loo of Seattle were returning from Vancouver to their home in Washington when a US border officer called their attention. The American border guards told them that they found in the travelers’ trunk six Kinder eggs that are not allowed in the United States.

What’s wrong with Kinder eggs?

In the United States, the popular European chocolate egg that has a tiny interior plastic toy is considered hazardous that can choke or suffocate a child. Because it poses health risk, the sale or distribution of Kinder Surprise eggs are prohibited in the country.

Detention and Penalty

The US regulation declares that anybody attempting to bring to the country the popular European chocolate egg shall be fined US$ 2,500.

Brandon Loo and Christopher Sweeney who were  carrying the banned chocolate eggs reasoned out that they had no idea the treats they are bringing for their relatives and friends in the US would cause them trouble.

Chris Sweeney said that after the American border guard informed them that they could be fined US$ 2,500, they were asked to proceed to the border detention center, where they stayed for over two hours.

Thanks to the border staff who decided to brush off their violation and just warned them to never bring the chocolate treats across the border next time. The Kinder eggs were not confiscated from them and they were able to give them to their friends and family when they arrived in Seattle.


Previous Kinder Eggs Confiscation

In 2011 alone, roughly 60,000 Kinder Surprise eggs were confiscated at the border by the US Customs and Border Control from travelers’ luggages.

Crossing the Border

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