United States Work Visas For Canadians

Canadians require a United States work visa if they want to work in the United States for any reason and generally, in any occupation. The same applies for American citizens who wish to work in Canada. If you are working in the United States for a United States employer and not on behalf of a Canadian company, you’ll need a visa.

There are different United States work visas that are available for different situations. In addition to having to apply for the right type of United States work visa, you’ll have to meet the specific and sometimes strict requirements for that visa type.

Do you need to apply for a US work visa?

If you intend to be working inside the United States for a United States employer, you will most likely require a United States work visa. Just some of the types of United States work visas that might be applicable to your situation include the TN visa, the H1B work visa and the L1 work visa.

The TN visa is a very popular United States work visa for Canadian citizens who have a job offer in the United States already, coupled with the fact that they are in a profession that requires a high level of education and that’s high in demand, like a scientists or medical professionals.

Another visa for people who have a high level of education or a high level of experience and skill is the H1B visa, which also requires a pre-existing valid job offer in the United States.

If you are not starting a new job in the United States but are instead being transfered from a Canadian office to a new or existing American office, you could consider an L1 visa.

Whichever visa option you think is best for you, keep in mind that the application process for each is strict and comes with many different requirements, which you must meet in order to have your application approved.

Contact us using the phone number on the top of this page as soon as possible for assistance if you’re a Canadian citizen thinking of applying for a United States work visa. Many work visa applications for the United States are denied each and every year, but an immigration lawyer can help you determine which work permit type to apply for, as well as ensure that your work visa application is prepared properly.

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