Training Provided for Skilled Workers to Fill Job Openings Over the Next 10 Years

Vancouver– Vancouver Island University is among the institutions that will provide or facilitate the training opportunities offered to over 30 First Nation people in the north central part of British Columbia.

Temporary Residence Vancouver, BCTraining for Skilled Workers

The training intends to meet the growing demand for skilled workers who are needed in mineral exploration and mining industries. The training programs are undertaken through a Labor Market Sector Solutions project together with the Pacific Trail Pipelines Aboriginal Skills Employment Partnership (PTP ASEP).

This collaborative project is expected to sustain the needs of the industry for skilled labors in regional mining ventures and to increase the growth of qualified First Nations who may be hired as technicians in a beginner level.

The First Nations

First Nations are a designated group of different Aboriginal people who are not Inuit or Metis.

The program will cover a two 16-week Certification Courses in Mining Industry, and a 15-week Certification Course for Environmental Technicians. The Pacific Trail Pipelines Aboriginal Skills Employment Partnership (PTP ASEP) has partnered with various companies and educational institutions to realize and implement the programs.

The certification courses in Mining industry and in Environmental Technician have been funded through the Canada-British Columbia Labor Market Agreement. The financial aid reaches $500,000 to implement the programs.

The Partners:

  • Vancouver Island University
  • O’Brien Training Ltd.
  • Carrier Sekani Tribal Council
  • First Nations in north central and north west B.C.
  • College of New Caledonia

Foreign Skilled Workers

While the programs are directed to improving the skill level of the First Nations in order to fill the enormous job openings over the next 10 years, foreign skilled workers are welcome to get an employment.

To meet the demands for skilled labor in Mining industry, the territory opens its door to aliens and foreign skilled workers who like to grab the chance of moving to Canada.


Who may apply

Skilled workers are individuals who are granted permanent residency based on their capability to become economically established in the country. Applications as Federal Skilled Workers are evaluated on the following grounds:

  1. The applicants must have a valid offer arranged employment, or
  2. The applicant must be an international student who must have been enrolled in a PhD program in the country, or a graduate of a Canadian PhD program within the past twelve months, and must meet certain criteria.

Evaluating Eligibility as a Skilled Worker

If you are unsure of whether you qualify to apply as a skilled worker, you may speak to your immigration lawyer who can efficiently conduct a quick evaluation of your case. Trial and error method is not a good idea to try your luck for applying as a skilled worker.

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