Temporary Resident Permit Lawyers in Vancouver

Someone who has a criminal record can be denied entry to Canada, even if you are an American citizen who is just planning on visiting Canada for a temporary trip. While not every type of criminal record will deny you entry to Canada, some types of criminal records will almost guarantee your denial of entry, such as a DUI conviction or any kind of criminal conviction relating to drugs. Despite your difficulties entering Canada, you are not without options. Read on how you can overcome your criminal inadmissibility: 

Applying for a Temporary Resident Permit to Visit Vancouver

When you apply for a temporary resident permit with the goal of overcoming your criminal inadmissibility, you will need to obtain and fill out an application for a temporary resident permit, provide two passport photographs, pay the processing fee and provide photocopies of your passport.

In the case of someone who is criminally inadmissible, there is a pile of additional documents you need to add to your application package. Some of these documents include:

Reference letters from three different responsible citizens in your community.
Proof that you have completed your community service or paid any fines depending on your specific sentence.
You must visit your local courthouse where the crime occurred and get copies of each judgement made against you to include in your application.
You must provide information on the laws under which you were charged, foreign or Canadian if applicable. In most cases, you should be able to find these at the library or online.
If you are an American Citizen and you were charged with your crime in the United States, you will need an FBI fingerprint background check and state and local police certificates.

Denied Entry to Canada Lawyers in Vancouver

We are an award winning immigration law firm that has handled thousands of denial of entry cases for both the United States and Canada with success. If you have been denied entry to Canada because of a criminal conviction or you fear that you will be – contact us as soon as possible. Temporary resident permits are on of the most commonly denied types of visas, but we can help you avoid making the mistakes that might get your application denied. We are waiting to hear from you at the phone number above!

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