Should Canada Focus On Europe For Additional Immigration?

With the major downturn of economies across Europe, The Globe and Mail is asking the question of whether Canada should focus their immigration recruitment from countries like Greece and Spain where unemployment is very high. In Spain the unemployment numbers for young people is at 50%. Canada needs to boost its immigration number over the coming decades in order to fill job demands that are being caused by an aging population, and a smaller Canadian birth rate.

Immigration Lawyer clientsThe policy of the Canadian government is to look at all immigration applications as the same, without taking into consideration race or national origin, but with so many unemployed in Europe The Globe ad Mail asks if Canada should be favoring immigrants from cultures more like its own.

From The Globe and Mail:

Canadian policy has taken one step in the direction of geographic targeting with Citizen and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s announcement earlier this year that the government intends to require higher levels of proficiency in either English or French among immigrants admitted in the future, as part of the selection system that allots prospective new Canadians points for their education, experience and skills.

In theory the ability to speak a language is open to everyone. But English or French fluency is much more common in some places than in others.

“The points system was introduced to create a more objective system that wouldn’t screen out based on race, national origin or mother tongue,” says Debbie Douglas, director of the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants. “Intentionally or not, [this change] will privilege Western Europe and other parts of the world, probably India and Pakistan. …But most of the global south will be screened out.”

The article continues:

“I think there’s little question that there will be a significant shift in source countries. And the country that will be most affected is China,” agrees Naomi Alboim, a professor in the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University and a former deputy minister in the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship. “English-speaking countries will rise to the fore.”

These are interesting questions raised by The Globe, but there is one thing for certain, with a projected shortage of a million people to fill jobs by 2021, Canada will need to continue to look at its immigration program and attract the people to fill these jobs.

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Should Canada screen immigrants based on language or country Globe and Mail

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