Renewing Your Permanent Resident Card Outside of Canada

If your permanent resident card has expired while you were outside of Canada, you need to have a valid travel document in order to return home to renew your permanent resident card. Normally, your permanent resident card acts as a travel document for you to be allowed into Canada upon your return from traveling outside of the country. How to renew a permanent resident card outside of Canada

But if your permanent resident card is expired, you need to apply for a separate travel document to return home.

How to apply for a travel document

1. Fill out the application for a travel document, which is application form IMM 5524 or Application for a Travel Document (Permanent Resident Abroad). Ensure you fully understand the application form and its instructions, as a mistake made on your form or an omission can result in your application not being processed.

2. Gather the supporting documentation needed for your application package using the Document Checklist, or form IMM 5627. There are a number of different documents you will need, including documents that identify you as an individual, documents that prove you are a permanent resident in Canada and documents that you have met the residency obligation for permanent residency in Canada.

3. Have a qualified immigration representative such as an immigration lawyer review your application package to make sure nothing has been missed and that it is ready for processing.

4. Submit to your closest Canadian visa office abroad.

5. Upon approval, obtain your travel document and return to Canada to renew your permanent resident card.

Need assistance with your travel document application or your permanent resident card renewal? We can help, even if you have a complex or unique situation such as not having met the residency requirement. Contact us as soon as possible for help.

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