Renewing Permanent Resident Cards in Vancouver

In 2002, the government of Canada made it so that every permanent resident in Canada received a permanent resident card upon landing in Canada. Before this, permanent residents in Canada received a landing document. If you are a permanent resident in Canada and only have a landing document, you need to apply for your initial permanent resident card. 

When you are a permanent resident card holder in Canada, your card will expire every five years. At this time, you need to renew it. However, as of October 17th the estimated processing time for a permanent resident card renewal is approximately 91 calendar days, so be sure to submit your application at least three months before it expires.

When you renew your PR Card…

1. Always make sure that you keep track of your residency days in Canada, and your travel outside of Canada. You can do this by keeping your travel receipts and copies of your travel itinerary outside of Canada.

2. Keep in mind that if you’ve been accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse, parent or child outside of Canada or have been working full-time outside of Canada for a Canadian employer that you can count these days as residency days.

3. Complete all of your application forms in full, and do not skip any supporting documentation. If you make an error on the application to renew your permanent resent card, you could face a denial.

4. You can apply to renew your permanent resident card at any time, and it’s recommended that you don’t wait until less than three months before it expires.

5. Make sure that you are in Canada when you submit your form and that you stay in Canada while your form is processed.

When you renew your permanent resident card in Vancouver, you must do so as per the instructions and meet all of the requirements. No matter how long you’ve been a permanent resident in Canada, you can be denied if you do not meet the requirements. If you are worried or you want to give your permanent resident card application that extra advantage, contact our immigration law firm as soon as possible for help.

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