Questions to ask an immigration lawyer in Vancouver

If you are considering hiring an immigration lawyer to help with immigration matters or visa applications in Vancouver, good for you! This is a very smart choice that can actually mean the difference between the approval or denial of your immigration case. This is because an immigration lawyer can help guide you through the process, help you determine which immigration category is the best one for you, as well as make sure you avoid making mistakes or omissions with your application. But the immigration lawyer you choose is also a big decision – choose wisely! 

What to discuss with your immigration lawyer before you hire them

Before you choose an immigration lawyer, you should ask them:

Will my application have a good chance of success?
How often will you contact me?
What will you charge me?
Do you have references?

No immigration lawyer should tell you they can guarantee your case will be successful. Even if they’re the best lawyer ever, they can only give you an advantage, not a guarantee. If one does guarantee success, avoid them because they may be up to illegal activities.

In addition, you should expect your immigration lawyer to be upfront and honest about how much they will charge you (before they start) and how often they will contact you or update you on your case.

Finally, an immigration lawyer with happy clients will be more than willing to show your testimonials or thank you letters they have received after helping others.

We have handled thousands of immigration cases with success during out over 15 years in business. We serve clients in Vancouver as well as across Canada and the United States. If you have an immigration issue that you need help with, or your have questions about the immigration process, please contact our licensed immigration law firm for assistance. You will be glad you did, because you’re already closer than you think!

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