New Immigrants can Choose from Thousands of jobs Available

Vancouver is one of the favorite destinations of immigrants in Canada. Immigrants frequently move to Vancouver or other parts of Canada for employment. Employment experts believe that Canada has many jobs available for immigrants who just moved to the country .

Employment reports

  • In the past year, there were about 214,000 new job openings.
  • Most unfilled jobs are in the manufacturing and construction industries.
  • More than 50 percent of 214,000 new jobs were generated in March and April of 2012  alone , according to Statistics Canada.
  • There is a high demands for labor in trades, information technology, healthcare and retail departments.
  • In British Columbia, the construction industry is taking its lead while the oil companies in Alberta are booming.

A Challenge to immigrants

One of the biggest challenges that intending immigrants or foreign workers are facing is matching their skills to meet the criteria and get to Canadian labor market.

Immigration should raise productivity because according to some commentaries new immigrants bring about trade opportunities and open up a new door to diversified instruments for economic development and growth.

  • New immigrants suggest new outlook on business or trade.
  • They face risks with the desire to achieve their economic objective. This is a key component to economic transformations.

Need for Immigration-based productivity

  • Canadian economy has to address productivity.
  • Canadian working-age population is gaining age and will require tripling the annual number of new immigrants for years.
  • In order that the aging working-class of Canadians will not affect the quality of Canadian living, the immigration-based productivity should be significantly increased.

Key suggestions

  • Canadian government must continue its effort toward increasing the employment of:
  • The government should continue the Canadian Express Program through which temporary workers may be able to obtain permanent status in the country.
  • The policy on immigration should involved or employ long-term objectives based on long-term job market conditions.
  • The Federal Skilled Workers program should pay attention to the future job market consideration by establishing an information system that is devised to map out the labor market trends and activities.
  • The language barrier must be properly addressed.

Immigrants are critical part of Canada’s economic progress but there are just innate barriers that hinder the Canadian society and the immigrants from obtaining the full economic benefits. Language barrier is one.


Getting into Canadian labor market

Are you one of the hopefuls who like to experience Canada? The government of Canada offers different types of programs for foreign workers who are willing to work in any part of the country. The government program’s applicability will depend on the level of your skill and education.

It is best to ask a licensed professional or a licensed immigration lawyer if a certain program applies to you or if you qualify in one of the programs through which you can enter Canada for an employment. Beware of bogus immigration consultants who are everywhere on the internet trying to lure their next victims to pay for their fictitious professional services.

The experienced immigration lawyers at Niren and Associates, a firm in the business for over 15 years, have the right tools to handle all types of immigration cases. The Vancouver Immigration firm can be reached at (604) 283-2126 or at [email protected].

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