I’ve Been Denied Entry to Canada

Being denied entry to Canada can be a serious matter. While people enter Canada every day for a variety of different reasons, including cross-border shopping, working, visiting family or friends and vacationing, some people are actually turned away at the border or the airport because they are inadmissible to Canada.

Because the reasons for being denied entry to Canada are broad and there are many of them, it can often come as a surprise to people who had no idea they were not admissible to Canada. denied entry to Canada

So why would someone be denied entry to Canada? Read on.

Reasons someone would be denied entry to Canada

Being denied entry to canada is not arbitrary, and in most cases there are legitimate reasons why someone is being denied entry. These reasons can include:

– Posing a threat to Canada or Canadians because of a health problem that is contagious, makes you dangerous to others or could result in an excessive demand on Canadian health services.

– You have a criminal record that was punishable by over 10 years in prison or you have been convicted of driving while intoxicated.

– You have a criminal history that relates to terrorism or organized crime, including even being associated with these criminal groups.

– You have broken any immigration laws such as overstaying a visa or misrepresenting yourself. ??But depending on your specific situation, you could be eligible to overcome your criminal inadmissibility or even remove it completely, either by applying for a Temporary Resident Permit or for Criminal Rehabilitation.

However, overcoming your criminal inadmissibility to Canada is not an easy task and requires the assistance of a qualified immigration representative, such as an immigration lawyer, for the best chance of success. Contact us today, we can help you!

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