Is permanent residency a Canadian green card?

Yes! In Canada, we don’t actually have anything called a “green card”. The closest thing is permanent residency, or a permanent resident card. This permanent resident card, or PR card as it is sometimes called, is pretty much the same thing as a US green card only for Canada.

For example, permanent resident holders in Canada can remain in Canada permanently, and they can live and work wherever they like in Canada. They may also leave Canada, travel abroad and return to Canada using their permanent resident card.

Like the US green card, the Canadian permanent residency card is very sought-after and difficult to obtain. The processing of permanent residency applications can take a period of months or years, and many of these applications are denied. For example, if you make a mistake on your permanent residency application, you can be denied or have your application returned to you. This is the last thing you want if you have already been waiting months or years!

How can I become a Canadian permanent resident?

There are many different aways to become a Canadian permanent resident:

The Canadian Experience Class: If you are in Canada on a work permit or a study permit, you may be able to apply for permanent resident. You must have work experience in Canada and be proficient in English or French, which will serve as a great advantage to you in applying.

Family Class: Your family members or your spouse, provided they are already Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents, can sponsor you for permanent residency.

Business Immigration: If you are an investor with direct business experience and a net worth of at least $1.6 million CAD, you could invest with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada department. You could also establish a business in Canada on your own.

Skilled Worker Program: If you have credentials or experience in a management occupation, a professional occupation or a technical or skilled trade, you could be eligible to apply for permanent residency. The Skilled Worker Program is one of the most common ways to obtain permanent residency.

We have been handling permanent residence applications for Canada for over 15 years at our immigration law firm. Because this is such an important life-changing step, we recommend that you contact us for advice on how to proceed with your application. You will not be disappointed, and you are closer than you think!

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