Is my job on the Skilled Worker List?

The Federal Skilled Worker program in Canada is so popular because applicants are able to become permanent residents of Canada. Like all pathways to permanent residence in Canada, the Skilled Worker program has a lot of restrictions and requirements for applicants to follow if they want to apply. Skilled Worker Job List

Applying for this immigration stream for permanent residence in Canada means that you will need to know if you are eligible, while also understanding the procedures and requirements of the visa. A licensed immigration lawyer can help you with this application, because it is not easy and it can be quite time consuming.

About the NOC Skilled Worker Job List

The first criteria for determining if you are eligible for the Skilled Worker Program is knowing that you have one year of full time work experience in one of the job categories listed on the NOC, or National Occupation Classification. This list is used for the Skilled Worker Program and all sorts of other purposes to classify jobs in Canada.

For the Skilled Worker Program, eligible jobs include Skill Type O, Skill Level A and Skill Level B occupations. These occupations include professional and related occupations, management occupations, and technical, skilled trades or paraprofessional occupations.

After determining that you have at least one year of work experience within the last 10 years in one of the above types of occupations, you then need to be assessed according to the selection criteria for this program.

You will need to determine if you have enough points to qualify for the program. You can earn points based on your own credentials for things like your education level, work experience and age. The most important category, thanks to new changes made by the government, is language ability. If you think you qualify for this program, contact us as soon as possible! We can help you.

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