How Long Does it Take to issue an Initial PR Card in Vancouver for 2012?

As of 2002, permanent residents in Canada have been required to have a valid permanent resident card, also called a PR card. This is an identify document when you travel outside of Canada and also allows you to return to Canada with ease. 

If you’ve arrived in Canada after 2002, you will be automatically given a permanent resident card when you arrive in Canada. Permanent residents who landed in Canada before 2002 will hold a Record of Landing, and will have to apply for a permanent resident card on their own.

If you are already a permanent resident in Canada and need to make an application to obtain your initial permanent resident card, the wait time is generally a few weeks or months.

As of September 25, 2012, the wait time for an initial permanent resident card is 57 calendar days, which is about two months.

Please note that if your application is not complete or there are any mistakes on it, it could create a lengthy delay and you may have to wait much longer to receive your permanent resident card for Canada.

Before submitting your permanent resident card application, review it with a licensed immigration lawyer to ensure everything is properly filled out and that you have not missed a piece of supporting documentation.

What if I need my PR card processed faster?

If you require your permanent resident card faster than the average processing timeframe, contact us. We may be able to help you expedite your initial permanent resident card, especially if you need to travel abroad right away. Contact us at the phone number above as soon as possible for help with your initial PR card application.

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