How to Renew Your Permanent Resident Card In Vancouver

The permanent resident of Canada possesses a permanent resident card, sometimes referred to as the PR card. This card must be renewed every few years once it expires. The typical advised renewal time for a PR card is about 8 weeks before the expiry date, but the time it takes to process a permanent resident cards is increasing. As of November 2012, the wait time is normally 93 calendar days for the processing of any PR card renewal. Therefore, try to renew your card at least three months before the expiry date. 

Procedure for renewing a Permanent Resident Card in Vancouver

To renew a permanent resident card, follow these steps:

1. You must submit an application for a Permanent Resident Card. Just remember to have read the instructions within the application form before you fill anything out. ??2. Fill out the application paperwork, making sure to follow the directions for filling out the form. Even instructions with regards to what colour of pen you use are crucial – don’t risk a delay or maybe a denial because the form was filled out incorrectly. Do not leave any blank spaces on your application form.
3. Compile the application package. This package is composed of your application forms for the permanent resident minute card renewal, as well as your current supporting documentation, such as passport photos along with proof you’ve achieved the residency requirement for the last five years. Not everyone needs the same supporting documents, so review your Document Checklist to be sure you have definitely not forgotten anything.
4. Pay your fee for the application, and you’ll want to include this receipt as one of the documents included in the package. ??5. Mail your application.??6. Wait for a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada letting you know where to pick up your new card.

Permanent Resident Card lawyers serving Vancouver

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Should you be concerned about not having met the resident requirement, your permanent resident card expired when you were outside of the country or English or French are certainly not your first language or you are concerned about your ability to follow the instructions on the application form, please contact one of our licensed immigration lawyers for help. You can call us using the above phone number for help as soon as possible.

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