How to Renew A PR Card


When you become a permanent resident in Canada, you will receive proof of your status in the form of a PR Card, or permanent resident card. This card is valid for five years in Canada, and will allow you to travel in and out of Canada. If your PR Card is about to expire, you will need to remove it. We recommend renewing your PR Card at least two to three months before the expiration date for the smoothest results. PR Card

Steps for Renewing a PR Card

1. Make an application to renew your PR Card. There are two different Citizenship and Immigration Canada forms you will need to fill out when you renew your PR Card: The first is the actual PR Card renewal application, and the second is a form that you use to fill out all of your residency obligation information. Meeting the residency obligation is a necessary part of a PR Card renewal as you must prove you have been in Canada for at least two years (730 days) for the last five years.

2. Submit your PR Card renewal application to the Case Processing Centre. You will retain your old PR Card while your renewal form is being processed.

3. Wait to receive notice from Citizenship and Immigration Canada that your new PR Card is ready for you. Depending on where you live, you may have to go pick up your PR Card at the closest immigration office and have to bring your old PR Card with you to serve as identification. Citizenship and Immigration Canada has begun mailing out some PR Card renewals, so you may just have your card mailed to you. Whatever the case, your letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada will tell you whether you will get your card in the mail or whether you have to go pick it up at the nearest office.

What if my PR Card renewal was refused?

You may receive notice that Citizenship and Immigration Canada has refused your PR card renewal. If this is the case, you will need to act urgently to appeal this decision. If, for example, you were not able to meet the residency obligation, you could be able to make humanitarian and compassionate arguments as to why you couldn’t. Whichever the case, if you receive notice that your PR Card renewal was denied, contact a licensed immigration lawyer as soon as possible!

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