How to fill Canadian Immigration Forms for Vancouver

Immigrating to Canada is not so simple as filling out some forms, paying a fee and hoping for the best, despite what many people would have you believe. It is a complex process that you must go into with knowledge and preparedness. This is because a mistake, omission or forgotten piece of documentation can cause your application be to be denied, which can also have an effect on any subsequent applications you decide to make. 

Tips for making immigration applications for Canada

1. Always fill out your immigration forms as per the instructions without missing any sections. Before you even put pen to paper, make sure you understand the instructions. Seek help if English or French are not your first language to ensure you understand what it required of you.

2. Ensure that you have a copy of the Document Checklist that is applicable to your application, and that you understand it. It details every piece of supporting documentation and identity documentation that you require for your application. If you forget something, you could be denied.

3. Make sure you make copies of every component of your application, including the application itself, the courier slip, the supporting documentation – everything. This will help you if Citizenship and Immigration Canada loses documentation or says they never received it.

4. Have your application reviewed by a licensed immigration lawyer. They have the knowledge and the resources to ensure that your application is prepared properly and meets every requirement out there.

There are some options available that are less than ideal, such as cheap and “easy” visa kits available for download. They are not reliable when it comes to getting a visa, and they are definitely not working on your behalf or giving your case the special attention it deserves.

While this could be your first ever – and only – time filling out immigration paperwork, a licensed immigration lawyer will have done it thousands of times with positive results. Applying for a visa to come to the United States or Canada is a complex endeavour, and one that requires professional attention. A simple mistake or forgotten supporting document can cause your application to be denied or returned to you – and your application fees not returned. Let us help you ensure you have the best chance of success with your immigration application, and give us a call at the number on the top of this page.

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