H1B Work Visa for Canadians

Are you a Canadian who wants to work in the United States? In order to do so, you will need to obtain a United States work visa like any other foreign national. Each of the US work visas available to Canadians has its own set of requirements and applications for different situations. The H1B work visa is just one of these United States work visas. Apply for an H1B work Visa

How to Qualify for an H1B Work Visa for the United States

The H1B visa is mainly for people who have a combination of skills and education that is very specific, meaning not just anyone can do the job that requires these skills and levels of education.

You must have an existing job offer in the United States to qualify, and that job must require specific skills and education that are so specialized the employer has to look outside the country to fill this job. In addition, the job itself must have these requirements everywhere – it can’t just be that your employer has very high standards when it comes to working for them.

The employer in the United States must also be prepared to pay you the prevailing wage for the occupation in that geographical region.

Finally, you must be qualified for the job you have been offered and be able to prove on paper that you have the required skills and education.

Please note that there is a limit to the number of H1B work visas that are issued each year. Recently, that number has been about 65,000, and in these cases applications for these visas are only accepted at certain times per year. If you have the intention of applying for one of these visas, speak with a licensed immigration lawyer first. We can help you determine the best time to apply and ensure that your application is exactly what a visa officer will be looking for as these types of visa applications can be highly competitive.

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