Federal Skilled Worker Program to Re-Open May 4, 2013

As you may know, the Federal Skilled Worker Program was stopped temporarily this year because the government announced they wanted to make several changes to the program while also taking the time to clear the very large backlog of applications that had accumulated. In fact, it was taking as long as eight years to process some of these applications, when it should only have taken a few months. 

Just this week, the government of Canada announced that they would be re-opening the Federal Skilled Worker program as soon as May 4th, 2012. But they have also made some specific changes to the program and how applicants will be considered.

What are the changes to the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

When someone applies to the Skilled Worker Program, they are assessed based on points. They earn points by having a certain level of education, having the right type of work experience and having proficiency in speaking English or French, for example.

Now, the government is awarding even more points for language proficiency and has made language ability the most important qualifying criteria under the new system. Applicants who have spouses that are proficient in either official language can also earn points for it.

In addition, more points will be given to applicants who are younger, and Canadian work experience will earn an applicant more points than work experience abroad will. Those who have foreign credentials will find that their credentials can be better assessed thanks to a new assessment program the government initiated as well.

If you want to become a permanent resident of Canada under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, please contact us using the telephone number at the top of this page. We can help you prepare your application after helping you determine your eligibility. And if you’re not eligible for the program, we can discuss your other immigration options with you.

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