Do I Need a Work Visa for business meetings in Vancouver?

If you are planning on visiting Vancouver to attend a business meeting, you will not need a work visa or work permit for Canada. However, if you are a citizen of a country that is currently not on the visa-exempt list and therefore require a visa to enter Canada, you will have to obtain a business visitor visa to attend your Vancouver business meeting

What is a Canadian business visitor visa?

A Canadian business visitor visa is a special visa that allows the visa holder to conduct business activities in Canada, such as attending a business meeting.

Other activities you can conduct on a Canadian business visitor visa include buying goods in Canada for your foreign business, dealing with after sales agreements, attending product or sales training or visiting a conference or site visit.

Please note that Canadian business visitor visas are not easy to obtain, and you will have to meet some specific requirements to get one.

For example, you must provide a fully detailed and complete itinerary of your trip in Canada, that also details when you will be leaving Canada and what you will be doing while in Canada.

You will also need information from your employer that explains why you are coming to Canada for business purposes, that you are employed full-time for a foreign company and you earn the majority of your income outside of Canada.

You will also have to demonstrate that you have sufficient ties to your home country and will not overstay your visa.

A business visitor visa is applicable if you need to come to Canada for business purposes but will not actually be working in Canada for a Canadian company or earning income from a Canadian employer. If this were the case, you’d need to obtain a Canadian work visa.

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