What if I am denied refugee status in Canada?

The Canadian refugee system is a very important system that allows people who need to be kept safe into Canada. These people often need protection from torture, persecution, cruel or unusual punishment and even the risk of death in their native country. Refugees

However, not everyone who applies for refugee status in Canada will actually get it. This is to prevent people who aren’t really refugees from abusing Canada’s refugee system. If you believe your case needs a second look, there are options if you have been denied refugee status in Canada.

Appealing a refugee denial

The final step in your refugee status application is to attend a hearing before a member of the Immigration and Refugee Board. If this hearing results in a denial of refugee status, you still have options. You can apply for a judicial review with the Federal Court of Canada.

However, if the judicial review with the Federal Court of Canada fails, then the refugee can be removed from Canada. Before you are removed from Canada, you would also have the option of asking for a pre-removal risk assessment, which will bring your case to a Canadian immigration official instead of the Immigration and Refugee Board. If there are any changes in your circumstances or new information, they would be brought up here.

Because appealing a denial of refugee status is exceptionally complex and serious, you need to speak with an immigration lawyer as soon as possible. It could be the difference between staying in Canada or being removed from Canada! Contact us using the form on the right so we can help you.

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