Coming to Vancouver under Skilled Worker Program

Preet Deep Singh and his wife Harpeet, were hoping to start a new life in Vancouver after applying to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker.  Having an MBA from Newport University in California and work experience from Bacardi and Jack Daniel’s, he thought his chances were strong.  They even gave opportunities to immigrate to the United States and Australia by believing that they would be able to immigrate to Canada.

The tale of intending immigrants

Eight years after his application was submitted, Singh received word that his application was one of about 280,000 applications that were being cancelled by Canada’s immigration department in order to unplug a massive backlog in the federal skilled worker program.  To add insult to injury, his skills are no longer listed as target priority due to a new set of criteria that is more stringent.

While the federal government assured Singh that his application was in process, Singh and his family eventually decided to give up their dream of immigrating to Vancouver and as a result, the couple relocated to the United Kingdom.  According to Singh, his visa for a highly skilled migrant program was issued within a month of his application by the British government.

The Minister’s decision

According to Immigration Minister Kenney, it is necessary for the government to eliminate the backlog in order to reform the country’s immigration system and make it more adaptable to the country’s rapidly changing labour market requirements.  Kenney’s office states that if the backlog is not eliminated, current federal skilled workers applicants would need to wait until 2017 before a decision would be rendered.

While Singh acknowledges that a backlog exists, he continues to question why it took the federal government so long to realize that it could not cope with the backlog while assuring potential immigrants that their applications were being processed when in reality they were not.

On the contrary, we have recently discussed in one of our articles that there is a skilled labor shortage in Calgary. There is an intense demand for skilled immigrant laborers in the province of Calgary prompting some companies to cut down on production. If you have retained a good immigration lawyer, you will learn what is the best option for you. Read more about Calgary Skilled Labor Shortage here.

Wake-up call

Immigration laws are filled with unforeseen real-life dramas each time another decision is reached by a person in authority. Sometimes the implementation of the immigration rules give joy and comfort to applicants; there are times when an immigration decision causes misery and frustration. Laws are highly complex especially after meeting series of amendments on certain provisions.

If you have any immigration concern, you must go to a licensed immigration lawyer and work with your attorney in solving your issues. Do not go to a battle unprepared. An immigration lawyer will serve as your armor who will take the bullets for you.

Your ally

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