Canadian Study Permit for Students

Canada is one of the top countries to receive an education. Thousands of students arrive each year with the goal of furthering their studies. However, not possessing the necessary paper work could quickly impede their success before they’ve gotten a foot through the door.

Niren & Associates has helped students successfully come to Canada for over 14 years.  We know all the challenges that applicants will face, and we guide them through the immigration process.

Understanding What a Study Permit Is

A Study Permit is a document issued by the Canadian Government which gives you permission to study in Canada for a temporary period. In most cases the Study Permit specifies the particular educational institution and course of study.

Study Permits are temporary residence visas (generally, lasting the length of the course of study) and require the applicant to satisfy all criteria presented by the visa officer when entering Canada.

Qualifications for a Study Permit

  • You need an offer of acceptance from a qualified Canadian educational institution in the form of a letter.
  • You have to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to pay the school’s tuition and for your general living expenses during your course of study up to one year.
  • You may have to undergo an immigration medical exam and if you normally require a visitor visa to Canada, you will have to be issued one in addition to your Study Permit. Those from visa exempt countries will not require a visitor visa.

Becoming Employed while on a Study Visa

A very common question that arises is whether or not some can seek employment while under a Study Visa? The broad answer to that would be: Only under very specific circumstances. These include:

  • When your employment is on-campus • When the international student is the recipient of a scholarship • When is certified as an integral part of the program of study.
  • When the work consists of academic research or a post-doctoral fellowship.
  • When the work takes place after graduation in a field related to the program  studied.

Although it should also be noted; that spouses of international students are generally eligible to work temporarily in Canada. However, for further clarification, it is recommended that you contact a immigration expert.

Instances that Do Not Require a Study Visa

Although few and far between there are scenarios in which an international student may not need a Study Permit. These are:

  • The taking of a French or English language training course that is no more than three months in length
  • You are the spouse or dependent child of: a diplomatic or consular officer; a representative of a foreign country; or a representative of the United Nations or any other intergovernmental organization of which Canada is a member.

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Coming to Canada to pursue an education should be viewed as a privilege. Therefore, the steps required for a successful application should not be left to a novice. Niren & Associates can provide peace of mind by ensuring that your application is properly prepared. Let our Vancouver team help you work through the logistics, so that you may focus on your studies.

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