Understanding Canadian Experience Class

If you have resided in Canada as either a foreign worker or a foreign student on a temporary basis, it may be a logical progression to pursue  permanent residence. Fortunately, since you are establishing yourself in the country, the Canadian government considers this to be an asset for immigration. However, not knowing the proper means in taking advantage of this criteria may result ultimately in refusal.

Niren and Associates has over 15 years experience assisting individuals in Canadian permanent resident cases. If you are interested in moving to Canada permanently while living in Canada, you may benefit from the Canadian Experience Class.

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How the Canadian Experience Class Benefits You

The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration opportunity for temporary foreign workers and foreign students to use their managerial, professional, technical or trade work experience towards their bid for permanent residence. The time that international students and skilled workers spend in Canada while contributing to Canadian society will now assist in their eligibility to stay permanently.

Qualifying for Canadian Experience Class

Foreign workers and students each have requirements to qualify for the CEC program.

International Students need:

1. At least two years post secondary education in Canada 2. One year full–time Canadian skilled work experience in specific job categories 3. Language proficiency (English or French) needed for occupation.

Temporary Foreign Workers need:

1. At least two years of recent [in the last 3 years] full-time Canadian skilled work experience in specific job categories and 2. Language proficiency (English or French) needed for occupation.

The Procedure for Applying for CEC

Applicants can remain in Canada throughout the application process, or apply from elsewhere within one year of leaving their job in Canada. Selection will be based on a pass/fail system. Selected applicants will have to meet the parameters noted above. This means they need to have:

  • Legally come to Canada to work or study
  • Obtained a valid temporary status in Canada at the time of application
  • Moderate official language proficiency.

A life in Canada offers a multiple possibilities. And, for those who have taken the required steps towards becoming a permanent resident, it would only make sense to protect their efforts. At Niren and Associates, we can help determine if the Canadian Experience Class is the right choice for you.

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Updates for Canadian Experience Class Effective December 4, 2009

On December 4th, Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) published a major update to a chapter of its Canadian Experience Class category. The chapter that was updated involves the processing of applications for permanent residency in the Canadian Experience Class, and includes the criteria that must be met by applicants and how refusals are handled.