Canadian Immigration Lawyer For A B1 Visa

Canadians can easily enter the United States to visit, but not to work. To work, they need a United States work visa before they can work legally for a United States employer. But did you know that there is a special visa available for Canadians who need to visit the United States for business purposes such as a business meeting? The B1 business visitor visa is available for Canadians and other foreign nationals who require entry to the United States to do work for a Canadian employer.  Canadian Business Visitor Visa

About the B1 business visitor visa for the United States

The B1 business visitor visa can be applied for at the border. However, the main criteria you must demonstrate to border officials is that you are going to be conducting legitimate business activities while you are in the country, and that you will not be working for a United States employer. If you have insufficient documentation and cannot prove your case, you could be denied entry.

Some things that count as legitimate B1 business visitor visa activities include purchasing property in the United States, negotiating contracts, going to conventions or conferences and consulting with associates. You must be able to demonstrate via a letter from your own employer and in some cases a letter from whoever invited you to the United States that you will be engaging in acceptable business activities.

Another important component of this visitor visa for the United States is that you can prove you will leave the United States when you are finished and not overstay your visa. This means demonstrating you have close ties to Canada via your employment, assets or family.

Don’t miss that important business meeting or opportunity. Make sure that you speak with a licensed immigration lawyer and that you are fully prepared to qualify for a B1 business visitor visa when you cross the border!

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