Canadian Border Crossing Agent Shot Near Vancouver

A man who was entering Canada at the Canada-US border in British Columbia shot a Canadian border officerwhile she was inside of her booth before fatally shooting himself.

Photo from CTV News

The border crossing is one of the busiest in all of Canada, and on a “slow” day up to 3500 cars can pass through it. On peak days, approximately 4800 cars will pass through the border crossing. However, in September alone there were 9000 cars passing through to the United States.

It’s not known what the man’s motives were, although he is reported to have left a very brief and mysterious phone text message with his parents before the incident that said he loved them and that he was sorry.

The shooter has been identified as Andrew Michael Crews of Seattle. The victim, Officer Lori Bowcock, had just transferred from Ontario to British Columbia and because she was still training she was not allowed to have a firearm, and was unarmed at the time of the shooting. The border crossing was just reopened as of Thursday. Authorities on both sides of the border are investigating.

Our thoughts are with the families of both individuals and we hope that the officer has a speedy recovery – she is expected to make a full one. This is just another reminder of how hard our border agents work and the risks they take to keep us safe.


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