Canada Encourages Foreign Immigration to PhD Students

According to a report on CBC News, Canada will start accepting some PhD students to boost the country’s science, technology and math sectors.

Minister of State for science and technology, Gary Goodyear, announced the government’s plans earlier in November, stating that the government was focusing on the success of the Canadian Experience Class .

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney,  welcomed the 10,000th permanent resident to enter Canada through the program and was quoted as saying:

Before the program, we would say ‘Excellent. You now have a degree or a diploma that will be recognized by a Canadian employer, you have some work experience in Canada, you have perfected your English or French language skills … now please leave the country and if you want to immigrate, get in the back of a seven-year-long queue.’ That didn’t make any sense at all. Because these are folks who are pre-integrated, they are set for success.

Understanding Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class is an immigration opportunity for temporary foreign workers and foreign students to use their managerial, professional, technical or trade work experience towards their bid for permanent residence. The time that international students and skilled workers spend in Canada while contributing to Canadian society will now assist in their eligibility to stay permanently.

Foreign workers and students each have requirements to qualify for the CEC program. This means they need to have:

  • Legally come to Canada to work or study
  • Obtained a valid temporary status in Canada at the time of application
  • Moderate official language proficiency

Contacting a skilled immigration attorney to help further explain the CEC process may increase the likelihood of an accepted application.

Goodyear concluded that expanding the program tells innovators around the world that Canada is ready to welcome their ideas.

Research in these fields contributes greatly to our overall national competitiveness in the global market


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