Can a Canadian Work In The US

Even though Canadians and Americans share a border and have pretty friendly relations, that doesn’t mean that Canadians can just cross the border and work in the United States if they wish to. Citizens of both countries need work permits to work in the others’ country.

Luckily for Canadians, there are plenty of work permits available, some of which are available exclusively to Canadians under the North American Free Trade Agreement. In many cases, you need to meet a few requirements as well as have a job offer already in place from a United States employer.

If you are a Canadian citizen, it might definitely be worthwhile to look into obtaining a TN Visa.

What is a TN Visa?

A TN visa is a quicker way for Canadians to work in the United States. It’s quicker, because you can apply for it on the way to your job while passing through the border.

But don’t be fooled – that does not mean that the TN visa is easier to get than other visas. You must meet the requirements and make sure you have all of the supporting documents you need, or you could be turned away at the border.

Some of the supporting documentation needed includes a properly formatted petition from your employer that details your job specifics, proof that you are qualified for the job you’ve been offered, proof of your Canadian citizenship as well as proof that you have sufficient ties to Canada and that you’ll leave the United States when your work is over.

We are an immigration law firm that has helped many Canadians receive TN visas. We can ensure that you are prepared to cross the border with all of the documentation you need, as well as make sure that you are qualified for the visa before you even ask for one. Please contact us at the telephone number above for assistance with your TN visa application! You are closer than you think.

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