Business Visitor Visa For Business Meetings in Vancouver

Business visitors to Canada are usually required to obtain a business visitor visa, which is different from a work visa or a visitor visa. This visa allows a business visitor to partake in specific activities, such as attending a business meeting. However, obtaining a business visitor visa is not easy and the applicant must demonstrate several important things to Canadian immigration authorities before they can be given one. 

Obtain a business visitor visa for Vancouver

When you apply for a business visitor visa for Canada, there are two major qualifications you must have:

1. You must ensure that you are fully admissible to Canada, and do not have a criminal record or health problem that would make you inadmissible. Someone who is inadmissible to Canada would also have to obtain a temporary resident permit before getting a business visitor visa.??2. You must be employed full-time outside of Canada by a foreign employer and be able to show that you are going to Canada to engage in business visa activities, such as going to a conference, attending a business meeting, conducting site visits, dealing with after sales agreements or buying goods in Canada on behalf of your company.??In addition to the above qualifications for a business visitor visa, you must ensure that you can provide several different documents to Canadian immigration authorities to prove your intentions for visiting Canada are valid.
Some examples of these include the original document inviting you to attend whatever you are attending in Canada, a letter from your employer detailing your work for them and why you’ll be going to Canada, a copy of the after-sales agreement if you are going to Canada to follow up on one, evidence of your ties to your home country like bank or property records and a copy of your passport data page.

Canadian business visitor visa lawyers in Vancouver

Don’t risk being denied a business visitor visa to Canada because you haven’t adequately prepared yourself for obtaining one. If you are denied, you will miss your meeting and could miss out on very important international business opportunities. Instead, contact our immigration law firm at the above phone number for assistance with your application for a business visitor visa to Canada. We have over 15 years of experience helping people coming to Canada for many different reasons, including on international business.

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